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Curbside Magic Policy, Terms and Conditions

All clients will be asked to read and sign the Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC’s POLICY AGREEMENT.  This Policy Agreement will be kept on file for the life of the relationship between Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC and the client.  Clients hereby entrust their pet(s) to Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC for the purpose of grooming services. Policies subject to change without notice or approval.



Payment is expected at the time of service.  Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC accepts cash, ALL credit cards, as well as Venmo, Cash App, Google and Apple Pay.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.



Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC is a MOBILE unit.  The unit is a converted utility trailer pulled behind a full size truck.  Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC must be provided, by the client a LEGAL and LEVEL parking area in which to park the unit with in close proximity to residence or office.  This must be required in order for the groomer to perform services. 


On rare occasions, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC may need to cancel your appointment due to equipment failure, severe weather, illness, etc. In the event we cannot honor the service time, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC reserves the right to reschedule the appointment to another date. Every effort will be made to contact our clients.  We understand that schedules change.  If the client is unable to keep the appointment, we require a 24 HOUR CANCELLATION NOTICE.  Failure to cancel or have your pet “available” at the scheduled time will require payment of a $60 cancellation fee PER SCHEDULED PET.  Fees will be assessed immediately if you have a payment card on file, otherwise it will be assessed to your account and no further appointments will be made or honored until the fee is paid.  Pet availability includes but is not limited to the inability of Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC being able to obtain or “catch” your pet if latchkey services are requested.  Ultimately, it is client responsibility to keep track of scheduled appointments, however, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC sends courtesy appointment reminders at least one business day in advance to confirm and remind all clients of their scheduled appointments.  If the pet is not provided to Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC within 15 minutes of arrival time, the appointment will be considered cancelled and applicable fees will be applied.  100% of the business involves travel and it is important we stay on schedule.  We ask you respect our time and schedule.  If cancellation issues persist more than twice, the grooming relationship will be terminated, and any future appointments will be cancelled indefinitely.



Appointment times are issued with the caveat that these times are approximate or “estimated times of arrival”.  We ask all our clients to allow us a one-hour window arrival time. We work with live animals and drive times causing it to be difficult to schedule an exact time. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to interruptions or delays such as refueling, traffic, and driving distance or unexpected delays from previous appointments.  We make every effort to stay in communication with our clients about our ETA’s.



Excessive de-matting is a painful, time consuming and costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can aggravate and/or cause skin issues. Pets that are severely matted to the point of pain will NOT be subjected to more pain.  We at Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC are unwilling to add more discomfort to your pet by attempting to comb or brush deeply matted fur. Removing matting comes with many risks to your pet which include but are not limited to: hematomas forming at the ears, exposing pre-existing conditions, skin irritation and leaves the skin prone to sunburn. All pets with severe matting will receive a recommendation to be clipped down to allow the fur/coat a fresh, new start. Pet parents will be notified of this decision prior to any shaving to allow for an opportunity to accept or decline services.  Client is responsible for the condition of the pet’s coat and will not hold Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal.



At Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC we absolutely DO NOT shave down double coated dogs.  Examples of breeds with double coats include: Husky, German Shepherd Dog, Pomeranian, Shiba-Inu, Boarder Collie, Corgi, Labrador, Golden Retriever.  Shaving down a double coat is a bad practice as it harms the coat at the follicle, often permanently damaging the coat. We do not engage in such practices.  Double coated dogs are given a tidy trim to feet, feathers and ears only.



Your pet’s safety is first at Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC.  We require all clients to provide a current rabies certification for your pet before grooming services will be performed.  These certifications can be emailed to:



Prior to grooming, clients are required to disclose any aggressive tendencies or bite history of their pet.  This does not disqualify your pet for services.  At Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC, we pride ourselves on the personal value that we will do our best to safely, adequately groom your pet, even if they display some unwanted behavior. We are willing to work with your pet to address and correct unwanted grooming behavior.  However, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC reserves the right to refuse service in the event the pet cannot be handled safely.  If your pet is determined overly aggressive or is unable to be soothed/comforted during their groom, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC will not be able to maintain your pet as a client.



We ask all clients disclose any issues with their senior or ill pets. Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially for a senior pet or pets with severe health issues.  Because these pets have a greater chance for injury, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, as extra services may add to the stress or cause injury.  If your pet is unable to stand and weighs over 45 lbs, Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC will have to decline to serve your pet as we are unable accommodate any pets exceeding the weight limit.  Pets that are unable to stand may be better served in a veterinary clinic.  Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC is not responsible for accidents, injury or possible death to any elderly or high risk/health compromised pet during their groom. 



Flea and tick infestations will not be tolerated.  Clients are responsible for keeping their pet’s flea, tick, lice and skunk free.  Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC does not treat for fleas, ticks, or lice. The Spaw does not carry products to remove skunk or excessive odor.  If fleas or lice are found or an indication of skunk spray detected, the client will be notified, the pet returned immediately, and a $75 bug or odor cleaning/bombing fee PER SCHEDULED PET will be assessed at the client’s expense, payable before the pet is released to the owner. Parasite infestations are best addressed by your veterinarian as there can be side effects or allergic reactions to dips and baths. If ticks are found, tick removal fees are charged in addition to the regular price of the groom.  Tick removal is calculated at a rate of $80/hour. Any unpaid fees will result in cancellation of all future appointments.



Clients gives consent to Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC to share photos and/or videos of pets in our care to be utilized on our online and social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and on our website.  Photos are used to showcase work, for promotional and advertising purposes as well as in our client database.  Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw, LLC is the rightful, legal owner of any and all photography taken of your pet(s).


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